Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 8 bulletin board post

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I've been adding molasses to the water I use, supposedly this allows the buds to fill out!

We are within range of harvest, I'm just getting to the end of week 8, so the nugs are bursting with trichomes:

I need to hook up a better magnifying glass to inspect the trichomes, I'm pretty sure they are getting cloudy by now!

Also I have trimmed the bottoms of both plants and I've hung the little scraggly buds up for a tasting this weekend, this of course will be the topic of an extensive post this weekend.

Check back tomorrow for more pictures of the girls!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eye (and brain) Candy

Courtesy of a site called Seedism in the UK, I've never used them, but it's a lovely picture of some fine-ass ladies...while we're on the subject, here's a close-up of my main girl:

another snap of a hot girl:

note: the pictures of girls here are usually always done on a random google search, the results of I post in bold in case you want to replicate the search to try and find more pictures and less clothing etc.

I Grow Chronic

Hey thanks for checking in, hope you're having a fantastic weekend!

Here are two of the best online weed-groing tutorials, the first is not only incredibly informative, but really funny as well, Mr. Green rules:

As you know, I am a budget gardener growing in a fucking closet, so Mr. Green's video, while informative, is pretty high-tech for me which leads us to Stoned Free's classic 1997 how-to video "How to grow Cannabis" which is a fantastic resource:

I can't recommend both vids enough, be sure to grab a pen and paper while watching to jot down any notes that may be helpful.

Also thanks for voting on my poll! Woo!