Monday, February 9, 2009

The New Guys

What's up partiers!

I mentioned earlier that I have a second crop readying for deployment and I'd like to share with you some pictures of the little fellas:

I have been running them on 24 hours of light with a 150W equivalent CFL (compact florescent) with a "blue" or daylight spectrum to maximize vegetative growth, such as you would find in the spring and early summertime.

This simple change has really made a difference, with no stretching towards the sunlight, extremely fast growth and nice tight leaf sets that puts me pretty much on schedule for placing these little mammas into the rig to begin flowering!

It's important not to over-water during this stage -- as one website states "most herbs do not like their feet wet". You can buy any number of moisture meters, or if you're cool like me you can use your finger to check to see if the soil is moist -- if it is, hold off on the watering until the top of the soil is crusty.

Also important is your water at this time, I myself take tap water, run it through the brita and then let it sit with a cap off for 24-48 hours to allow all hard water elements, chlorines and other unecessary byproducts to dissolve.

I will be updating you on their progress, stay tuned!

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